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SunTech Solar offers DIY solar power kits for quick and easy installation. The kits come with the 100 watt semi flexible solar panel(s), The MPPT solar controller for up to 30% more efficiency than older PWM technology, 2×25′ of heavy duty 10 AWG PV wiring with MC4 connectors, detailed instructions and diagrams.

About Us​

The owner of SunTech is an avid boater, environmentally caring individual that is committed to providing accurate and helpful information. He undertakes extensive research and tests products before he offers them to his customers. He is a highly qualified and experienced in the 12V industry with over 20 years. Also is a certified ABYC marine electrical technician. He has designed and built battery banks, solar arrays and offered expert advice to hundreds of people over his career. Please feel free to contact him for advice or guidance.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a portable energy solution that is clean and quiet. Our solar panels are the most efficient on the market, lightweight and flexible, affordable and have no maintenance. Unlike running a portable generator, our panels do not require refuelling, produce free energy silently and without the dangers of carbon monoxide and other dangerous products of combustion.


There have been many advancements in solar the last 5-10 years for the marine industry. Many boaters have embraced solar as a quiet solution to free energy
while sailing underway or anchoring in a serene, quiet bay. A solar array on your boat allows your boat to work for you while your enjoying various activities with family or simply un-winding.

You technically can’t “run” anything on solar. The reason is that solar doesn’t have storage capacity. Think of a solar array as a sunny battery charger. As the sun shines over your boat the solar array captures those UV rays and converts it into electrical energy to charge your battery bank.

The PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) controller is a very basic device that interfaces a solar array to a battery bank. The voltage of the array will be lowered to match that of the battery bank reducing overall system performance.

The MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) controller is more sophisticated in its functionality, it will adjust its input voltage to harvest the maximum power from the solar array and then transform this power to supply the varying voltage requirements of the battery bank.  MPPT is by far the best choice for modern day solar arrays.

Every vessel, every individual has unique needs. The best option is to contact us for a quick assessment, or we also offer an electrical audit of your boat, where we’ll go through your boat and sit down with you and determine the best configuration possible within your budget to allow you to enjoy your amenities while away from the dock.
If your installation location is free from obstructions, then series is the preferred choice. On a series connection, the panel voltage is multiplied allowing long cable runs with minimal impact from voltage drops.  The MPPT controller will convert that voltage into the optimum amperage required by your battery bank. If your array is partially obstructed, a shadow on any portion of the array will adversely impact the entire array.  In these situations, parallel connections will keep a portion of the array functioning when there is shading on one area. Your cable runs will be limited due to voltage drops.

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