About Us

SunTech solar is an innovative company that incorporates green technology and a simple solution to maximize energy savings and enhance the comfort and peace of mind. At SunTech we understand energy consumption on your vehicle, be it a boat, RV or golf cart etc…

Have you ever been on vacation for some fun in the sun, entertaining your family and friends, then realize that your batteries are depleted? Turning your fun into worries of “how is my fridge going to keep my food cold?” We as owners understand the noise pollution, dangerous carbon monoxide gasses and high costs involved in running your generator to “top the batteries up” a few hours a day. Wether you have an inboard generator, or have to run countless feet of extension cable so that your generator doesn’t impede the peace and serenity that your neighbours come out for. SunTech solar offers you a solution!!

Our goal at SunTech solar is to give you peace of mind, and leave your worries behind to enjoy what really matters to you. Our semi-flexible solar panels and solar products will reduce the stress of the electrical systems, as well as keep your batteries topped up all day long! With the right system, you can run all of your electrical loads directly off the solar power, and direct the excess power towards charging the batteries. Our solar products are the most efficient in their class offering styles, sophistication, and versatility due to their flexible design and durable build. We guarantee that SunTech has a solar solution for every one of your hobbies! Call us today to discuss solar today!!

SunTech solar is the only company based in central Ontario, Canada that is trained, certified and experienced. We focus on solar power products and complete solar systems for various applications. Thousands of our clients all over the world rely on our products to generate clean energy for their vehicles, boats and RV’S.

We strongly believe that solar energy can provide significant benefits to people and will soon change the way electricity is sourced and generated in the recreation area.  Our aim is to spread knowledge and use of solar products across the world and make our environment a better place to live. We are doing our best to allow you to buy high quality solar products at fair prices.

We invest a lot of effort into bringing you high quality products and hope that our brands and logo will be a reassurance of trust and product excellence you own.

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About The Owner

The owner of SunTech is an avid boater, environmentally caring individual that is committed to providing accurate and helpful information. He undertakes extensive research and tests products before he offers them to his customers. He is a highly qualified and experienced in the 12V industry with over 20 years. Also is a certified ABYC marine electrical technician. He has designed and built battery banks, solar arrays and offered expert advice to hundreds of people over his career. Please feel free to contact him for advice or guidance.

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