SunTech Solar Power Installation Instructions

To download a PDF copy of the Suntech Installation Instructions, click the image below.

suntech solar installation instructions

Tracer A manual

MT50 Manual

RJ45 to RS485 Adaptor instructions

To download a PDF of the RJ45 to RS485 Adaptor instructions click the link.

These installations recommendations are a guideline only. Qualified persons with proper SunTech guidance of handling should only attempt installation of this product to achieve maximum performance. Please note that our panels come with six (6) corrosion resistant grommets for attachment. If the panels are modified in any way, it can/will void your manufacturers warranty.  The installation techniques, handling and use of the product are beyond company control. Therefore, SunTech assumes no responsibility for loss, damage or expense resulting from improper installation, handling or use. SunTech assumes the right to determine warranty coverage if proof of mis-use, abuse and does not assume liability if panels are mis-handled or bent beyond their capacity which may cause failure. Please consult an ABYC expert marine technician for proper installation codes.

The limited warranties do not apply to any of the following:

PV modules subject to: (1) misuse, abuse, neglect or accident; (2) alteration or improper installation (improper installation includes, without limitation, installations or array that does not comply with all SunTech installation and wiring instructions (as may be amended and updated from time to time at SunTech’s sole discretion); (3) repair, install or modification by someone other than a SunTech approved service technician. (4)conditions exceeding the voltage, wind and any other operational specification; (5) damage from persons, insects, animals, or industrial chemical exposure; (6)panel breakage from impact, improper handling or other events outside SunTech’s control.