Portable Solar Panels for Camping

Our semi-rigid / bendable solar panels are made using high quality ultra high efficiency Sunpower USA Solar Cells. They provide a silent, emission free, safe, renewable energy source by converting our Sun’s rays into electricity. They are light weight at only 4lbs each, and measure 106cm x 54cm x 3mm, the lightest, and most efficient solar panels available. And with their ETFE coating, they are waterproof, durable and UV Resistant, and can be expected to provide years of maintenance free use.

SunTech’s panels work perfectly for camping, tent trailers, RV’s/ Motorhomes to keep your battery banks topped up at all times. They are great for campsites with no power , or “no generator” rules.

You won’t have to listen to your generator running for hours on end, or worry about deadly carbon monoxide and other poisonous emissions.

At only 3mm thick, you could mount them to the roof of your RV and forget they are even there!

And with our Tracer series solar controller, an advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) controller, you don’t have to worry about clouds or shadows over the panels, as a smart tracking algorithm maximizes the energy harvest from the Panels. The MPPT controller provides higher efficiency up to 97% with lower power loss.

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