SunTech is committed in providing the best possible components to our customers. We strive to maintain our reputation in being the best in the business and constantly evaluate the newest products that are released. This is why we are now pleased to announce that SunTech solar is working together with the one and only SUNPOWER USA to be the first in Canada in offering the most efficient, premium flexible panel made to our customers.

Why have we worked so hard for this?  Well, there has been a shift in the Asian market in solar cells that are supplied from SUNPOWER.  Asian markets are not receiving the best/premium cells from SUNPOWER anymore since they have started making their own panels. With SunTech being at the leading edge of technology, we have researched and teamed up with SUNPOWER to offer the best.

We urge people that are curious about solar to do their research in the products they want. The companies should be upfront at time of sale. If companies out there are boasting they are using SUNPOWER cells, ask them to freely produce a certificate of origin from SUNPOWER to prove they are using quality SUNPOWER cells in their products.

SUNPOWER flexible panels are subjected to the toughest field testing in the market  prior to shipment to ensure the best quality for customers.